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ClassMate provides tools only found in the most expensive EdTech software and provides them to everyone.

classmate for teachers


ClassMate is an unopinionated digital classroom platform that allows the creation of the content you need to achieve the goals of your Learners. Design courses to teach entire classes or create customized content for an individual, the options are limitless.

classmate for students


Access coursework online. Never lose another PDF or permission slip. Collaborate with your fellow Learners and chat with your Educator online.

classmate for parents


Tag along with a Learner by being their mentor. Mentors may see the classes and progress of the Learners they are mentoring. Mentors may also reach out to the Educators and ask questions.

Quickly and Easily Create Onboarding Processes

With ClassMate, you can set your new employees up for success. ClassMate allows you to organize and document important processes, workflows and software training that are required to make your team productive and employees in your company successful.

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reducing time for onboarding increases productivity

Based on community

The intentions of this application is to create a reliable form of communication between educators, parents and students.

ClassMate is designed to grow with its users.

We will be looking to you, our user, to demand more from your online tools! As our team and business grows we will be planning future software updates based on your needs as a student or an educator.

Education Shouldn't be a Privilege

We believe education is a right and that everyone should have access to the best education and experience possible. Classrooms and powerful coursework should not be hidden behind large fiscal gates, but rather amplified through a public and open platform that will allow everyone to access the very best education possible, and become their very best self.

How plans to better education throughout the world.

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