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Connecting People with Education

ClassMate provides the means for anyone to efficiently create a course about anything and share it. Whether it is a private group, or the entire world, ClassMate connects people with education.

Learn from One Another

With the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, ClassMate enables you to learn or teach from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints.

ClassMate's platform provides the tools you need to organize and teach content online or in a blended learning fashion.

Add Structure to Your Tutorials

To better communicate the lessons that you want your students to takeaway, it is critical that your tutorials have a structure.

With a well thought out structure, your tutorials and content will be organized in a way that makes them more easily understood by your students.

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Tutor Friends, Family and Students

When you create a course, you are always doing so with a specific audience in mind.

ClassMate allows you to easily create those courses and even make them private courses for individuals, not just for large classrooms.

With ClassMate, you are able to easily collaborate with a student's teacher.

Connecting Educators and Learners

Being easily accessible to your students is crucial to their development and ability to understand the lessons that you are trying to teach them.

ClassMate's easy to use chat features and bulletin class discussions enables you to take your teaching further and help your students learn more.

ClassMate's flexible user management system helps your organize and invite students to different classes.

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the many tools that classmate provides for educators and learners

Create Engaging Content

ClassMate will provide you with the tools to add badges, gamification and activity tracking to keep your students engaged in what you have to teach.