Collaborating Around Education Technology with the Connecticut Parents Union

December 16, 2015

This week some of us on team will be visiting a school in Connecticut to meet with with parents and students to discuss education technology.  The Parent Express, an event organized by Gwen Samuel and the Connecticut Parents Union, will be held throughout various locations in Connecticut from December 16, 2015 to December 19, 2015.

The Parent Express event highlights early literacy, reading, student centered learning, community empowerment and civic engagement.  The Connecticut Parents Union will provide dialog around important community topics like voter registration, financial literacy, parent and family empowerment and engagement, college and career readiness preparation, science, technology, engineering, math and much more.

Team will be joining the Parent Express in Middletown Connecticut and share our passion for equally empowering education technology.  Our team will be sharing, the digital classroom,  in its current state on various tablets and keyboards.  Then we will share our current road map of, to eventually become a fully featured digital classroom product.

Later we will present early designs of the Mentor Platform.  The mentor platform will allow parents, mentors and tutors access to critical information about their learner, student or child.  We will also discuss our plans for how will break walls down between teachers and’s mentor platform enabling, empowering and encouraging collaborative engagement ultimately enriching education at the family level.

We will discuss other features like our built in grading system which we have been rolling out features for in the past two releases and will continue to mature these features in releases to come.

With our ideas and details we have gathered from interviewing teachers and parents, we will open a dialog with the parents, students and educators.  With the feedback they provide we will markup our work and take in ideas and feedback.  We have also prepared a short list of interview questions for the parents at the event where we will seek out challenges and road blocks parents face with education and education technology today.

In conclusion, we are very excited and thankful for this opportunity to interact with communities and groups like the Connecticut Parents Union who are passionate about education and families.

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