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Share skills, learn and connect with anyone, anywhere any time. Your content can be translated into any language and shared in any country.

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Education should be accessible to everyone and for every teacher that creates a premium account, another country gets a course for free.

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Teach Anywhere in the World

Because our platform lives online and the work is done from anywhere that a computer and internet can be accessed, ClassMate is available to nearly anyone in the world. Therefore, you can teach people across the globe, sharing valuable lessons from your own world and experiences.

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Every dollar you spend for your ClassMate tools it is contributing to education for people in third world countries.

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Teaching on ClassMate will Provide a Classroom to a Third World Country

Creating classes on ClassMate enables the platform and your content to be available and translated for those in other countries. Let your teaching and lessons span across the globe and empower the next generation of thinkers and doers, no matter where they are located.

Education Shouldn't be a Privilege

We believe education is a right and that everyone should have access to the best education and experience possible. Classrooms and powerful coursework should not be hidden behind large fiscal gates, but rather amplified through a public and open platform that will allow everyone to access the very best education possible, and become their very best self.