Does Distance Teaching and Learning have a Future?

November 14, 2015

Any investment in knowledge pays the best interest

  • Benjamin Franklin

And if recent trends in learning are anything to go by, it seems that distance teaching may take off. While online learning is still in its infancy, it does have the potential to grow if it is accepted as an authentic means of helping people from different cultures have access to educational resources that they themselves don’t have.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning can be defined as a teaching experience that utilizes a range of technologies at distance and is designed to encourage interactions in learners as well as provide them with necessary certifications that they need. In general, the industry incorporates various platforms or software solutions to provide education to people from other countries.

It also has a host of other benefits –


Schedules that are related to distance learning are more flexible as compared to what most educational institutions offer. Any work that is to be submitted is given its due date and students are free to do them in their spare time. This can prove beneficial for a person who needs certain academic qualifications but who works an eight hour shift.


Distance learners have the opportunity to connect with a more diverse range of people as compared to students who learn through traditional methodologies. This makes it possible for them to widen their networks; a prospect that may prove to be advantageous in this day and age.

Not Limited to a Classroom

Not everyone has the patience to sit for hours in a classroom especially if they are older or have other pressing responsibilities that take most of their time. Distance learning provides such individuals the opportunity to learn as long as they have access to a computer system or an internet connection.

No Commutes

Most people who opt for distance learning are grateful for this fact. When you are learning through a computer screen, you don’t need to pay for public transportation to take you to a classroom. This also saves money on gas or fuel.

Wide Choice of Courses

A distance learning program provides learners the chance to select from a wider range of courses as compared to traditional education programs which limit students to course packages. In this way, a learner is able to customize what he or she wants to study which allows them to plan their futures better as well. 


Not everyone has close access to a school or educational institute. No one likes to travel miles to get an education. In addition, not every locality offers students the type of academic training that they are looking for.

Distance learning is still in its early stages. However, with innovations of interactive technologies and the spread of internet accessibility, it probably won’t be long before it takes off. People who have busy schedules or don’t have access to courses that they would like to pursue have much to gain in this regard.

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