Online Tools Free up time for Administrative Tasks

January 22, 2016

The load on education professionals continues to increase as more and more students enter the system. Only a few states across the US have achieved the perfect balance between teachers and students. Some states, in particular, have a huge imbalance in this regard. Now, the problem isn’t necessarily with the number of teachers, but the fact that a large part of their time is devoted to activities outside the classroom. A study conducted in 2014 at the Boise State University showed that education professionals expend 30% of their time and effort taking care of administrative tasks.

This means a large part of their workload is made up of tasks which are not essential for the purpose of education but at the same time is something they have to do. Universities expect all teachers to deal with the administrative side of things as well. This enables them to save the money they would otherwise have to spend on hiring additional staff. Not only this, it is part of their job description, which means there is no option for them but to complete the administrative tasks assigned to them. Hence, it comes as no surprise that they are left with little energy and time when it comes to actual teaching.

It is quite understandable that teachers have a lot on their plates. Not only are they responsible for shaping the minds of the students assigned to them, they also have to take care of their homes. Given the rising student to teacher ratio, the burden on them to spend every available minute focused on teaching is rising. But as they take on more students, the administrative workload increases and might prove a distraction from the teaching bit. This is where educational institutions should focus on incorporating online tools to help free up some of the time spent on administrative tasks.

The best part is there is no dearth of online tools available. Teachers can find tools that help them schedule and plan their lessons. All they have to do is enter in the relevant information and they get a detailed lesson plan which they can use. The internet is widely available across schools, colleges, and universities in the US, hence there are no restrictions in terms of accessibility. Lesson planning and submitting the said plans to their superiors takes up most of the time on the average educator’s weekly timetable. Making this task easier is sure to free up a lot of time.

The same goes for maintaining the performance records of their class. Again, there are several tools at their disposal for multiple purposes. From maintaining their grades to marking attendance, online tools can simplify a number of processes for education professionals. No longer do they have to spend hours and hours manually checking the data they have collected. In case of any discrepancy, it would only take a few minutes to find a way out.

So, as you can see, the incorporation of online tools can definitely free up the time spend on administrative tasks for education professionals.

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