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Employers spend more than 25% of their time onboarding new employees. ClassMate offers a variety of online tools and products to help streamline the onboarding process, saving valuable time and money, and more importantly keeping productivity levels of all employees high.

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Quickly and Easily Create Onboarding Processes

With ClassMate, you can set your new employees up for success. ClassMate allows you to organize and document important processes, workflows and software training that are required to make your team productive and employees in your company successful.

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Always Keep Your Onboarding Up to Date

We know that companies are always striving to keep their onboarding processes both up-to-date and continuously improving. ClassMate will help you make sure the courses you create will always display the most up-to-date training.

Team Members Can Track their Progress

With ClassMate's, course outlines it is easy to keep track of each team member's progress throughout the entire onboarding process. This makes it easier for companies to address any concerns in the onboarding process timeline with employees right away.

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Connect New Hires with Mentors

Getting to know a new company and its processes and procedures can sometimes be intimidating. Mentorship helps new hires ask questions that may be blocking them from being productive. ClassMate can assist in a mentorship program by easily assigning a mentor to any new hire, giving them the necessary online tools to collaborate as your new hire becomes acclimated to their new role.

Allow Your Employees to Explore Other Careers in Your Company

Using ClassMate, you can make it easier for anyone in your company to learn about the various roles and responsibilities that exist within your company. Does a designer want to become a developer for your company? Simply send them your onboarding classes associated with development and give your designer the ability to explore the requirements necessary to be developer for your company.

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Reduce turnover

Though the normal probationary period for new hires is 90 days, The Wynhurst Group reports 22 percent of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment. There are a lot of different reasons that could potentially cause turnover, but with the right onboarding and employee support materials with ClassMate, you can minimize the risk of turnover.

Set Clear KPI's

No matter what someone's job may be, there are performance indicators that must be met in order for promotions to take place, or even for them to remain an employee of that company. Make it really clear for your new hires to understand how their performance will be measured through clearly defined key performance indicators taught with ClassMate.

Provide Personalized Coaching

Help employees meet their personal growth and development potential within your company by providing specific and personalized content.

The content can be specific to their role and the development that they need to progress and be promoted, or the content can even be focused on improving vital soft skills, such as communication techniques or presentation success.

ClassMate enables you to develop clear, private and customized courses for individuals that either needs improvement, or when coaching for another position.

Set and Achieve Goals

Organize personal and business goals in one place with ClassMate's courses and online tools. Allow employees to track their individual progress towards certain goals and measure the performance towards accomplishing those goals.

Measuring Onboarding ROI

Knowing that your onboarding is working is critical to the continued success of your organization. With ClassMate, you can document and measure key metrics that will tell you if your onboarding process is operating the way that it should, such as cost, time and efficiency.


Without a universal process, HR employees spend a lot of time fighting fires. Universal onboarding eliminates the chances that messaging to a new employee is inconsistent and minimize risks down the road.