Software in Education – The Benefits

November 19, 2015

Do not confine your children to your own learning for they were born in another time

  • Chinese proverb

Technology has permeated every aspect of living from communications to business management. Its affects on the educational sector, are no different. While some academics may question the role of any type of software mechanism on classrooms, others see it as a promising venture. Here are some reasons why –

For Younger Learners

Every kid from a toddler to a 3 year old can learn through software. The children of today are already exposed to a number of handheld devices on a daily basis from iPads to Smartphones which makes the prospect even easier.

Parents who have kids who suffer from learning or cognitive disabilities have a lot to gain from this regard as well. Kids who have conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) need to learn at their own pace and their own time. A typical classroom setting does not suit them and they need to be brought up to speed in order to help them keep up with the rest of their classrooms. Educational software tools allow parents to help their kids more efficiently.

As children learn through software, it boosts their self esteem. In time, they become capable enough to learn without having to rely on their parents; which also makes a teacher’s job a whole lot easier.


Media has proven to be a more effective means of helping students retain what they learn. Cleverly integrated user experiences, online instruction and multimedia offer a unique combination. This in turn offers students an effective learning experience.

Immediate Results

Every teacher knows how tedious it is to grade papers. Plus it also consumes a lot of time and requires effort. Most standardized tests still follow old school principles and are as slow to produce results. Most online software teaching devices integrate quizzes digitally. Not only does this boost learning, it also makes it easier and faster for teachers to evaluate.

Class Management Software

While computers do offer students the chance to learn at their own pace, they can prove to be a distraction. Standalone software that is specifically designed to help teachers manage their classes better is a better option. In this way, they are able to remove distractions, monitor student progress and prevent their students from using computers for inappropriate use.

A Single Workstation

One of the most obvious benefits of classroom management software is that it allows teachers to monitor student activities from a single workstation. Not only does this help them ensure that each student completes a task at hand, it also makes it possible to resolve their own tasks in a timely manner. Plus what teacher wants to spend hours grading papers?

Everything from lesson plans to classroom presentations can be created easily with classroom management software. How effective these solutions are depends on the teachers themselves. Once classroom management solutions are put in place and accepted by both students and teachers, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a standard tool for teaching.

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